Root canal pain in 31401

Root Canal Pain in 31401

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Root canal therapy in 31401

Root canal therapy is nothing to fear. We’re not saying it’s fun, of course, but thanks to the modern techniques and equipment we use here at Habersham Dental, you can depend on a comfortable process from start to finish. The procedure is the solution for your root canal pain in 31401, and you can rely on experiencing very little or even no pain at all during.

The cause of root canal pain in 31401 can be traced to an infection caused by bacteria that were able to breach the protective layers of your tooth. Typically, the reason for this is a large cavity, deep filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. The most obvious signs that root canal therapy is needed, aside from the pain itself, are sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold foods and drinks, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. Your root canal pain in 31401 may be severe, especially when you apply pressure to the tooth or try to chew using it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you experience one or more of those symptoms. Root canal therapy is an opportunity to save your tooth so that it will not have to be removed. However, the longer you wait, not only will you continue to suffer with pain, but you are increasing the chances of needing an extraction as the infection causes damage to the pulp and nerve. One or more sessions are needed for the completion of root canal therapy. If you have to return to our office, you will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth in the meantime. Later, you will be measured for a permanent one.

A tooth that has undergone successful root canal will be as durable and strong as any other tooth. Make sure to call us when you have pain. We will be sure to have you seen as quickly as possible.

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