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Dental Exam in Savannah

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Dental Exam in Savannah
Dental Exam in Savannah

If you want to make sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, the most important thing you can do is to come to our dental practice, Habersham Dental, for biannual dental exams and cleanings. At our office, our patients will receive a complete dental exam in Savannah including dental x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and gum disease evaluations.

When you come to our dental practice for a dental exam in Savannah, you will be seen by one of our expert dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Lawrence Schmitz. During our dental exams, our dentist will do much more than just look for dental cavities. Of course, finding dental cavities while they are still small is an important part of the dental exam. You will have dental x-rays taken so that our dentist can make sure there are no problems developing between the teeth, or just below the gum line. Our dentist will also check your teeth for any signs of teeth grinding, cavities, broken fillings, broken dental restorations, or other dental problems that can be seen. Your mouth will be thoroughly assessed for any signs of oral cancer. Additionally, our dentist will provide you with a complete gum disease evaluation. If our dentist finds that your gums have become irritated and inflamed due to excess plaque along the gum line, you have gingivitis. Our dentist will most likely recommend that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months to help your gums return to good health. During a gum disease evaluation, our dentist may instead find that deep pockets have developed between your teeth and gums. If this is the case, you will need to have a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to help the deep pockets to heal. Deep pockets will contain plaque, tartar, and food debris and can lead to serious infection and tooth loss. Gum disease must always be treated, as it will not go away by itself.

For an appointment to see our dentist for a complete dental exam in Savannah, contact us today.

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