Ardsley Park Cosmetic Dentist

Ardsley Park Cosmetic Dentist

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Veneers in Ardsley Park

Applied to dentistry, the idea of veneers is very similar to how they are used in other areas of life. They are surfaces that look like your teeth and are placed over your natural teeth to improve their appearance. It’s all very simple, and in just about three visits to our office here at Habersham Dental, you’ll transform your smile from one that is flawed to one that looks as perfect as you can imagine.

Veneers are crafted using impressions taken by our Ardsley Park cosmetic dentist. The dental lab fashions porcelain into slender shells designed to fit you with precision. Why porcelain? The easy answer is that it matches the color of your teeth, and that is true. But it’s also resistant to stains, which becomes important when you realize that they have a lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years. You want a material that holds its color for as long as possible, especially if you smoke, drink tea or coffee, or you engage in one of the many other habits known to stain teeth and tooth-like material. Our Ardsley Park cosmetic dentist will have you come back to try on your veneers when they are returned by the dental lab. They make still require some adjustments, and that’s normal. Only when you have decided that they look and feel the way you want them to will the final step be taken. Before they are bonded long term, a small amount of material is filed off of the teeth getting them. Doing so ensures that all your teeth are even, which enhances the overall look.

There is no better time than now for you to reach out to our office so that we can book an appointment for you. Come in for a consultation and examination with our Ardsley Park cosmetic dentist.

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