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Root Canal Pain in 31401

Root canal therapy in 31401

Root canal pain in 31401

Root canal pain in 31401

If you experience moderate to severe pain in a tooth or sudden sensitivity to hot or cold you are probably having root canal pain in 31401. Our doctors at Habersham Dental can diagnose the problem and if the cause is an infected nerve in the tooth they will perform an endodontic treatment, more commonly known as a root canal to fix the problem. Once a tooth’s roots have become infected if they go untreated the problem will only get worse and may lead to the infection spreading to the gums or to an abscess.

When a patient experiences root canal pain in 31401 it means that the soft inner core of the roots, the pulp, has become infected. The pulp is surrounded by a harder layer of dentin, which is further protected above the gum line by the tooth’s enamel and below the gum line by the cementum. A crack or chip in these outer layers can allow bacteria and debris into the pulp and infect it. Often the pulp is been infected because a larger area of decay has withered away the tooth’s enamel and dentin exposing the roots. Our doctors must remove the infected pulp before the infection gets worse. A root canal starts with our doctor numbing the tooth and the surrounding area and then drilling to remove any surface decay and to expose the tooth’s root system. Once the roots have been exposed our doctor will use miniature tools to remove all the pulp from the tooth’s roots. A mature tooth can survive without its pulp getting its nourishment from the surrounding tissue. Once the pulp has been completely removed the canals are sealed with a rubber-like material to prevent re-infection.

Our doctor will then place a porcelain crown on the tooth to both protect it and to form the new chewing surface. An endodontic treatment will save the tooth, restore its functionality and alleviate root canal pain in 31401. If you have any pain in your teeth let our doctors evaluate the problem.

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