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Invisalign in 31401

Invisalign Braces in 31401

Invisalign in 31401

Invisalign in 31401

If you want to have a more beautiful smile, you should visit us at Habersham Dental. We have many excellent dentists ready to provide you with exemplary dental care, just one of whom is Dr. Lawrence Schmitz. Many patients come to see us for treatment with Invisalign in 31401.

Many of our adult patients want to have a straighter and more attractive smile but they are embarrassed at the thought of being seen with traditional metal braces. This is why treatment with Invisalign in 31401 is such a popular option for our patients. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners which are virtually invisible while they are being worn. This is why many patients refer to treatment with Invisalign as being treated with “invisible braces.” Once our patient has had their bite situation assessed, and our dentist determines that they are a good candidate for Invisalign, CAD/CAM computer technology will be used to create an individualized set of clear plastic aligners for our patient. Depending on the bite problem being corrected, a patient will have anywhere between 15 and 45 aligners in their series. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and will slowly move teeth into position for the next aligner. When the last aligner has been worn, our patient will then finally have his or her beautiful new smile. Many times our patients have wanted to have their teeth straightened for years, not thinking it was possible to receive treatment as an adult. Treatment with Invisalign takes about the same time as treatment with traditional metal braces. Our patients also enjoy the fact that the plastic aligners are much more comfortable to wear then traditional braces which have metal wires and brackets which can irritate the gums or mouth. Our patients also enjoy the fact that they can eat just about anything they want during treatment with Invisalign because the aligner trays are removed for meals.

For an appointment to see our dentist regarding treatment with Invisalign in 31401, contact us today.

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